Our business

Our business

Founded in 1997, Unifique constantly invests in technological innovation and in providing excellent services to its more than 755,000 customers. In 2023, it launched 4G and 5G cell phone services in the state of Santa Catarina and is expanding rapidly in Rio Grande do Sul. We already have more than 2,300 employees, distributed between parent company and subsidiaries, spread over more than 350 cities in southern Brazil.

INTERNET FIBER – The first operator in Brazil to deliver XGSPON technology with 5 GIGA plans for individuals and 4 GIGA plans for companies. It has the best Broadband Internet in the South of Brazil for the 5th consecutive year. Our technical support is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

WI-FI BUSINESS – Corporate Wi-Fi solution that includes a captive portal application for compliance with the Marco Civil da Internet and the LGPD. The main objectives of the solution are to offer internet to public places, guarantee the efficiency of the Wi-Fi network, provide protection and security for users, as well as enabling customer loyalty through lead capture, marketing tools and interaction with users. With this solution, it is possible to provide users with a faster, safer and more personalized internet experience.

FIXED TELEPHONY – For four consecutive years we have been voted by Anatel as the Best Fixed Telephony in Brazil according to a Satisfaction and Perceived Quality Survey. We deliver innovative Virtual Switchboard technology, i.e. your switchboard in the cloud, much better voice quality, control and security, all with special plans with reduced prices and many more advantages for you and your company.

MOBILE TELEPHONY – In 2021, we won the 3.5 GHz frequency auction for 5G, promoted by the National Telecommunications Agency (ANATEL), acquiring the right to explore this frequency in the states of Santa Catarina and Rio Grande do Sul. We have also become a new 4G and 5G mobile operator in these two states. In addition, all our customers will be able to connect throughout Brazil via the network of another partner operator. With the new technology, we will have many innovations, considering that 5G allows you to surf with lower latency, more devices connected simultaneously to the same network and greater data bandwidth.

DATA CENTER – The Unifique Data Center has 685 m² of plant parameterized with TIER III Certification, 1.5 MVA of power in the substation and 72 hours of autonomy without refueling in the own generation plant. Established in a secure physical infrastructure, the center is equipped with biometric technology. We have adopted N+1 architecture for critical systems such as the substation, in-house power generation, UPS, precision climate control and connectivity.

Our early fire detection system analyzes the particles contained in the air, immediately fighting any fire with extinguishing agent suppression, without damaging the equipment or leaving any residue.

We carry out rigorous and periodic checks, tests and maintenance on all the Data Center’s systems, guaranteeing an uptime of 99.982% based on our Tier III certification from the Uptime Institute.

We carry out rigorous and periodic checks, tests and maintenance on all the Data Center’s systems, guaranteeing an uptime of 99.982% based on our Tier III certification from the Uptime Institute.

Our structure is built on SDDC (Software Defined Data Center) parameters, providing autonomy and management of the resources contracted in the Cloud by our clients. Every Cloud has critical support from the Hardware to the Software layer to guarantee the best performance and resilience for our clients.

HD PAY TV – Recognized by Anatel for the 2nd consecutive year as the Best Pay TV in Brazil. It offers a variety of pay-TV packages and combos, including series, films, sports, documentaries, news and much more for you, your company and the whole family. Unifique TV navigation allows you to return to programming within 24 hours and watch it whenever you want, on several devices simultaneously.

UNIFIQUE PLAY – Unifique’s online content and multiscreen application. The platform makes channels available as part of your Unifique TV package. The app also allows you to rent new movies. The Unifique Play Maxi plan also offers all the content in the catalog: films, series, documentaries, talk shows and children’s cartoons..

INTELLIGENT HOME – We offer a home automation service that turns your home into a Smart Home, making routine tasks easier and more efficient. With the Smart Module, you can control lights, temperature and household appliances via your cell phone. Installation is simple and compatible with various devices. Activities are controlled intelligently via the Unifique Casa Inteligente app.

UNIFIQUE CAMERAS – A complete solution that includes hardware, software and cloud storage, offering a subscription camera service with monitoring facilities based on Cloud Computing. The images captured by the cameras are processed and stored securely in our Data Center, providing images in real time without delays and relying on advanced artificial intelligence resources that instantly notify of movements of people, animals and vehicles, raising the level of security and monitoring.

UNIFIQUE TELEMEDICINE – Represents a significant advance in the provision of accessible, high-quality healthcare. With this innovative platform, we provide the convenience of remote medical consultations, 24-hour emergency care every day of the week, giving patients access to healthcare professionals at any time and from anywhere. With individual and family plans, no limit on the number of consultations, no waiting period and no co-payment. The plan does not alter the value by age and provides discounts on medicines at accredited pharmacies. Our services cover a variety of medical specialties, promoting prevention and self-care.

UNIFIQUE INVEST – Dedicated advice on financial investments, credit, insurance, consortium and other client needs. The range of investments and credit solutions is wide and caters for all client profiles. Advice is individual and personalized, with the aim of adapting the strategy according to each client's objectives and profile. Investments can be managed easily and intuitively via an app, providing customers with greater convenience and practicality. With a wide variety of products, such as fixed income, funds, treasury bonds, private credit, variable income such as shares, real estate funds, ETFs, BDRs, among others. The investment operation is linked to BTG Pactual, the largest investment bank in Latin America.