Our business

Our business

We are a complete Telecom

A telecommunications company, in 2023 we celebrate 26 years of a lot of history and with it many achievements. We serve our customers completely, where there is a need for communication we are there. In fiber optic technology are more than 33,000 km installed in southern Brazil, to ensure the quality of more than 700 thousand customers. We are already more than 2,100 employees, we have arrived in more than 350 municipalities.

INTERNET – We are the first service provider in Brazil, to deliver XGSPON technology with plans of 2,000 mega or 2 GIGA, this service was elected by Anatel research for two consecutive years as The Best Fixed-Line Broadband in Brazil and in 2022 was elected the Best Fixed Broadband Internet in Southern Brazil. Our technical support is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

FIXED-LINE TELEPHONY – For three consecutive years we have been elected by Anatel as the Best Fixed Telephony in Brazil according to the Satisfaction and Perceived Quality Survey. We deliver an innovative technology of Virtual Telephone Exchange, that is, your telephone exchange in the cloud, much more voice quality, control and security, all this, with special plans with reduced prices and much more advantages for you and your company.

MOBILE TELEPHONY – In 2021 we won the 3.5 MHz 5G frequency auction, a new mobile internet technology that offers connection speeds at least 20 times faster than 4G. With the new technology we will have many innovations, considering that with 5G it is possible to surf with less latency, with more devices connected simultaneously to the same network and greater data bandwidth.

HD PAY TV – Recognized by Anatel for the 2nd consecutive year as the Best Pay TV in Brazil. It offers a variety of pay-TV packages and combos, including series, films, sports, documentaries, news and much more for you, your company and the whole family. The navigation of Unifique TV allows you to return to programming in up to 24 hours and watch it when you want, on several devices simultaneously.

DATA CETER – There are 685 m² of plant parameterized with TIER III Certification, 1.5 MVA of power in the substation and 72 hours of autonomy without refueling in the own generation plant. The Unifique Data Center is built on a secure physical infrastructure supported by biometric technology. The N+1 architecture was followed in the data center’s critical systems such as: substation, own power generation, UPS, precision air conditioning and connectivity. The early fire detection system analyzes the particles contained in the air to immediately combat the fire by suppressing the extinguishing agent, without damaging the equipment or leaving any residue.

We check, test and perform maintenance rigidly and periodically on all Data Center systems, to deliver an uptime of 99.982%.

Our framework is recognized by VMware with the Cloud Verified Certificate and also by Uptime Institute with the Tier III certificate.

UNIFIQUE CAMERAS is a complete solution that encompasses hardware, software and cloud storage, offering a subscription camera service with monitoring facilities based on Cloud Computing. This service enables efficient visualisation and management of images, speeding up the response to incidents. The images captured by the cameras are processed and stored securely in our Data Centre, providing images in real time without delays, and have advanced artificial intelligence resources that instantly notify of movements of people, animals and vehicles, raising the level of security and monitoring.

UNIFIQUE TELEMEDICINE represents a significant advance in the provision of accessible, high-quality healthcare. With this innovative platform, we provide the convenience of remote medical consultations, giving patients access to healthcare professionals anytime, anywhere. Our services cover a variety of medical specialities, promoting prevention and self-care, all through video calls. Unifique Telemedicine puts the patient’s well-being first, facilitating access to medical care in an agile and efficient manner, thus promoting more accessible and convenient healthcare for all.