Driven by the desire for a close relationship with its clients, bringing together the best in fiber optic technology with a high quality of service, Unifique’s mission is to make people’s lives easier. Constantly seeking to contribute to sustainable development, in a transparent and honest relationship, Unifique is very pleased to present its first ESG Report, starting in 2022, which means the environmental, social, and governance spheres – in the corporate culture and in decision making, consolidating its commitment to the planet and its stakeholders.

In this context, the Company’s ESG practices include good environmental practices, which are focused on the generation of photovoltaic solar energy. There are two plants in operation, with powers of 1224 kWp and 225 kWp, located in the municipalities of Planalto Alegre – SC and Timbó – SC, so that the latter makes the Company’s Distribution Center self-sufficient in generation. Unifique also has the Zero Waste Program, which allows 99.7% of the waste produced in the Distribution Center to be destined for recycling.

In the social context, the Company created 425 new jobs by 2022 with 35% growth in its employee base, the implementation of the Saudavelmente Program, with the objective of providing support to employees in maintaining their health and incentives for healthy practices. In addition, the unification of the corporate culture in the context of expansion and acquisitions of other companies in the “Unifique Way”.

In the sphere of Governance, the Company carried out the acquisition of four companies in the year 2022, a 45% increase in the number of municipalities served in the southern region of the country when compared to the year 2021, and a 45.3% increase in its net operating revenue, with net income of BRL 130 million in 2022. As a good practice we have the Codes of Conduct for Employees, with 100% of them informed, in addition to the Code of Conduct for Suppliers and Third Parties.

All the company’s actions are in line with its mission, vision, and values, which are pillars for sustainable development in the environmental, social, and governance context. After all, coherent and effective growth, commitment to people, applied and shared knowledge, and transparent and honest relationships are the pillars of the Company.

To access the Sustainability Report 2022, click here.