People and Careers

People and Careers

We connect people

Applied and shared knowledge is one of our principles, and here we put into practice every day to continue serving you well! For this, we participate in internal trainings and programs.

The Agita, Qualifica Program, Intercâmbio do Conhecimento, are some of the ways we find to stay united and connected. To get to know the work of all the teams, in addition to highlighting the standard of care to be followed.

The stories already experienced, sharing moments, ideas and knowledge. All this makes a difference to continue fulfilling our mission.



Here at Unifique, there is the incentive program for hiring PCDs. The inclusion of people with disabilities is a fundamental social function that is taken very seriously.
With inclusion, it is possible to make possible the opportunity for all people with disabilities to perform paid work and with all their rights assured. As well as discovering talents hidden by prejudice.
Our physical structure is adapted to all needs with: access ramps, elevators, handrails, adjustable chairs and special parking spaces.